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VIGO webinars in 2020 – a general survey

SESSION #1 – Basic information about VIGO products and how we create them.

During the first session of the VIGO webinar, you will expand your knowledge and information on infrared sources, detectors and optics. We will present our manufacturing process technology. You will also learn more about VIGO products.

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SESSION #2 – Where and how to use VIGO System detectors?

In Session #2 of VIGO webinar, you will find information about key parameters for major applications. Our experts will present advices as to how to choose a proper VIGO detector. Session #2 will be specifically focused on the use of VIGO detectors and dedicated applications.

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SESSION #3 – New VIGO System products.

As you may know, VIGO constantly expands its products offer. During the last session of the VIGO webinar our experts will present to you some of our new products. You will learn more about new standard IR detection modules, affordable IR detections modules and multielement sensor capabilities.

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SESSION #4 – We Think Beyond Epi-Wafer

Watch the webinar to hear from our experts about how and why our III-V epi-wafers are the bedrock of next generation photonic and microelectronic applications. Session #4 is about two topics:

·        Topic #1 Get To Know the Epitaxy Division.

During the first session, you will gain practical insights into the complexity of the epitaxial technology and learn about our customized epi-wafer solutions. We also offer you the opportunity to explore our products and meet our team.

·        Topic #2 VCSEL Epi-structures and Processing.

Session 2 highlights our advanced technology capabilities in VCSEL design and development. You will get an inside look at VCSEL manufacturing process as well as at the challenges we face and master to deliver outstanding results.

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SESSION #5 – Infrared detection potential in different applications

By watching this webinar, you will gain information about the potential of infrared detection applications. Our experts will explain and present how to properly choose a standard or customized high-tech MCT and III-V detectors for plastic sorting, gas analysis systems, and defence purposes.

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