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Solaris Optics successfully installed MRF-technology

As part of an EU-funded investment program the optics plant machine park got extended including a MRF polishing machine Q-flex 300 by QED Technologies (Rochester, USA). This machine is based on the magneto rheological finishing method. It`s primary function is the high-end finishing of optical surfaces. It offers a significantly good contouring accuracy and flatness of plane surfaces within a deterministic process.

 The diameter of optical components can be up to 300 mm. Besides plane and spherical surfaces, aspherical ones are possible as well.

 Realized examples:       

  •  flatness (PVr) : up to λ/80 @ 633 nm
  • irregularity (PVr) : up to λ/40 @ 633 nm
  • rms roughness Ns : 0,3 – 0,4 nm

Solaris Optics successfully implemented this technology and first substrates have been supplied. Due to this success, Solaris Optics got accepted to the Elite-100-Club of companies using the MRF-technology and SSI-metrology.