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Manufacturer of our optical components is Solaris Optics S.A., located in Józefów, close to Warsaw.
Solaris holds the complete technology for the production of optical components of nearly all types of optical glasses, quartz glasses and crystals, including the coating procedure by thin-layer technology.

Core competence  of our production are precision optics and laser optics in the areas plane and spherical surfaces. Surface accuracies up to λ/10 and roughness < 0.2 nm are achievable with classic methods of optical polishing. 

With use of the MRF-technology Solaris Optics can achieve a flatness of λ/40. And with this method is also a mild aspherisation of spherical surfaces possible.

 We produce single components (mounted and unmounted) as well as complex assemblies (e.g. objectives, oculars, zoom-objectives, expanders)

The flexible production structure allows a short-term delivery of single-pieces as well as the continuous series production of a high number of pieces.

With the combination of this manufacturing flexibility and our in house development capacities, we are a partner for each product development – from the idea up to the series production.

Our presentation conveys a basic overview of our optic portfolio:

Optical materials

Optical materials

  • Optical standard glasses
  • Optical special glasses
  • Color and filter glasses
  • Glass ceramic (Zerodur)
  • Quartz glass / Fused Silica
  • Optical crystals (quartz, CaF2, KBr, ZnSe)
Lenses and Lens systems

Optical Lenses

  • Single lenses (konvex, konkav)
  • Meniscus lenses
  • Achromates
  • Tripletts
  • Lens systems (Objectives,  Oculars, Expander Zoom-Systems and other)

Optical Mirrors

  • Plane Mirrors
  • Spherical mirrors
  • Metallic mirror coatings (Al, Au, Ag)
  • Dielectric mirror coatings (V-type, double-peak, broad band)
  • Scanner mirrors
  • Laser mirrors
Plane optics

Plane optics

  • Plane parallel plates
  • Optical windows
  • Brewster windows
  • Wedge plates
  • Scattering plates
  • Laser windows
  • Outcoupling windows
Prismatic optics

Prismatic optics

  • Dispersion prisms
  • Reflection prisms
  • Roof edge prisms
  • Pellin-Broca prisms
  • Amici prisms
  • Bauernfeind prisms
  • Dove prisms
  • 30° / 60° oder 90° prisms
Beam splitter

Beam splitters

  • Beam splitter plates
  • Beam splitter cubes
  • Pentagon beam splitter
  • Koester prisms
  • Intensity beam splitter
  • Polarisation beam splitter
  • Non-polarizing beam splitter

Polarizers & Retardation plates

  • Brewster plate polarizor
  • Dielectric polarizors (plate, cube)
  • Double refraction (birefrigence) polarizers  (Glan-Thomson, Glan-Taylor, Wollaston, Rochon)
  • Retardation plates (zero order, multiple order)
  • Wedge depolarizor
Filters & Coatings

Filters & Coatings

  • Color glass filters
  • Neutrale filter
  • Interference filters
  • Long pass – und short pass filters
  • Bandpass filters
  • Gradient filters
  • AR (Antireflection) coatings
  • HR (High Reflection) coatings
  • V-type and broad band
R&D Service

R&D Service

  • Optic design
  • Lens calculations
  • Objective Calculations
  • Coating designs
  • Modelling of optical systems
  • Technological feasibility studies
  • Metrology service
  • Profilometer for 3D map analysis
  • Opto-mechanic control of assembled optics