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DoroTEK operates with modern laser marking devices basing on Nd:YAG- and CO2-lasers, which are controled by an efficient software. The available technical status combined with the extensive know-how of our staff enables DoroTEK to conduct all marking services which are qualified for laser marking and -engraving. If you are considering alternative marking technologies and laser marking would be a possibility, we welcome you to send us a sample of your product along with the description of the marking-task.

Job order laser marking and engraving at DoroTEK

Tasteful high-grade durable markings
Flexible implementation of your special requirements

Free consultation and creation of samples
Single-piece production and series production
Short term delivery

Detailed information are supplied in our leaflet ‘Laser Marking and Engraving’.

03Gravures for the

We are on a large scale active  for the industry.
Typical scopes are the coding of components and assemblies with an article number, batch or serial number. It can be realized as clear text or via bar codes or 2D-Codes.
We provide a full-service, including the complete logistic, as storage, part delivery, data storage and split shipments.


03Gravures for the Promotional material trade

We possess a longtime  experience in laser marking or engraving of advertising materials with company logos, company data or with a personalization. Our customers appreciate especially our flexibility, extremely important for the advertising branch, and the accuracy – our employees watching also for the quality of the provided products.

Single-item-treatment and series production

Near term deliveries

03Our possibilities

Use of different laser types

  • Fiber-Laser
  • Nd:YAG-Laser
  • CO2-Laser

Laser marking by various technological effects:

  • Engraving
  • Color removal
  • Color change
  • Pigment conversion
  • Pyrolizsation of anodizings
  • Annealing marking of stainless steel
  • Foaming of plastics

Aesthetic, valuable and durable marking

Materials and Marking Contents


Laser marking is a very flexible technology. The answer to the question of whether a material can be marked with the laser can almost always be answered with “yes”. By using different types of lasers and a large selection of parameters, satisfactory results can almost always be achieved. No restrictions can be specified from the outset for the content of laser marking. Below is an exemplary overview of laser-marked samples.


Stainless steel

Book cover


Key chain


Pharmaceutical packaging

Bottle caps




Automotive steel

Laser markable materials

  • Metals (steel, iron, brass)
  • Pure and anodized aluminium
  • Alcan-aluminium with laser-markable finish
  • Powder-coated or finished materials
  • All types of plastics
  • Composites
  • Acrylic glass – Glass – Quartz
  • Ceramics – Marble – Minerals
    Leather – Rubber
  • Wood – Cardboard – Cardboard products

Contents of laser markings

  • Texts in various fonts
  • Circular texts
  • Personalization of promotion items
  • Serial numbers
  • Barcodes
  • 2-dimensional codes (Matrixcodes)
  • Patterns – Hatchings
  • Graphics – Symbols
  • Ornaments Logos
  • Circuit designs
  • Data tables
  • Scales

 e-Solarmark FL Advanced von Solaris Laser S.A.

Please ask for additional materials and content