Infrared Detectors and Modules

for the spectral range 2-16 µm

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Infrared detectors – technical background information


Gas Leak Detection with Infrared : 

Introduction of different methods     

  • TDLAS – Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
  • CRDS – Cavity Ring-down spectroscopy
  • CEAS – Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscop









Medical Infrared Applications : 

Introduction of the IR-detector use for medical investigations     

  • Human Breath Analysis
  • Liver Function Capacity Testing
  • Non-invasive In-vivo Glucose Sensing
  • Dentistry (Tooth Decay, Dental Surgery)









Plastic Sorting with VIGO arrays: 

The plastic sorting on base of the FT-IR Method in the 3-14 µm wavelength band with help of a VIGO 32-element linear array is described.









Optical Immersion Technology : 

VIGO is using the technology of optical immersion. It reduce the noise by a term of 3.3 or even 10.9 depending from the shape of the lens (hemispherical or hyperhemispherical)









Anti-Fringing Solutions : 

The fringing problem (also called as etalon effect) is well know, especially if tunable lasers like QCL’s are used. VIGO is describing the problem and introduce solutions for the suppression of this effect.









Recent Most Important Publications :