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Optical Components : We hold with Solaris Optics the complete technology for the production of optical components from nearly all types of optical glasses, quartz glasses and crystals. Our possibilities include the coating procedure by thin-layer technology, high precision mounting of assemblies and the MRF corrective polishing. The portfolio contains plane optics (e.g. prisms, wedges, plane plates, mirrors and polarizers) and spherical optics (e.g. lenses, achromates, triplets, objectives, concave or convex mirrors).

Infrared-Detectors : The heart of the VIGO-products are IR-detectors and complete modules for the spectral range 2 – 16 µm with highest sensitivity and very short response times. Photo resistors, Photo diodes and PEM-detectors are available, completed by preamplifiers and cooler controllers, mechanic mounting aids and heat sinks. The infrared detectors are based on II-VI semiconductors (HgCdTe) and also on materials from the III-V element groups (InAs and InAsSb).

 Laser modulators : Our Pockels cell are based on the electro-optical crystals LiNbO3 and KD*P. These electro-optical modulators operates consist on the voltage induced birefrigance. Polarizers and High-voltage drivers complete the delivery program.

 Service laser marking and engraving : At our facility in Strausberg DoroTEK disposes of modern laser marking systems on base of Fiber laser, Nd:YAG- and CO2-laser. Our laser gravures are a precise and esthetic way of marking for industry and advertising.


Solaris Optics successfully installed MRF-technology

Solaris Optics successfully installed MRF-technology As part of an EU-funded investment program the optics plant machine park got extended including a MRF polishing machine Q-flex 300 by QED Technologies (Rochester, USA). This machine is based on the magneto...

VIGO Webinar 28. October 2020

VIGO System plans the next webinar on 28.  October 2020 Topic :   New VIGO System products During VIGO System webinar, you will gain information about VIGO System products. We will present HgCdTe infrared detectors and integrated detection modules from Selected...

Fair participation

Participation at fairs & shows   Our next show will be : Laser, World of Photonics   Munich,  21.-24. Juni 2021 We are looking forward to  your visit of our booth !  Beside of DoroTEK GmbH as Member of Solaris Group also our partner companies will be present...

All-in-one IR-Detection-Module for 3-5 µm (VIGO System)

All-in-one IR-Detection-Module for 3-5 µm (VIGO System) VIGO has introduced the smallest on the market available 3-5 µm detection module. This module is suitable for the spectral range 3 – 5 µm. It is basing on a multijunction InAsSb-PV-Detector chip with a low noise...

Laser engraving for Smart Home Applications

Laser engraving for Smart Home Applications DoroTEK offers individual job order laser marking of switches and rocker switches. There will be made a direct marking of the switches without using any foils or other supportive materials. The engraving is permanent and...