Data sheets Dedicated electronics

and modules

1) Preamplifiers

The preamplifiers from VIGO Systems S.A. are divided into six types.

Series MIP

Series MIP : Transimpedance-Preamplifier-Modules with axial radiator for the flexible operation in the laboratory (BenchTop-use) for TE-cooled detectors,

Bandwidth up to 250 MHz

Serie PIP

Series PIP : Programmable “SMART” – Preamplifier for cooled detectors

Bandwidth up to 200 MHz

Series SIP

Series SIP : Miniaturized Transimpedance preamplifier for integration

External heat sink required
For uncooled and TE-cooled detectors
Bandwidth up to 250 MHz

Series µIP

Series µIP  : Transimpedace preamplifier with and without housings for uncooled detectors in TO39-housings
Bandwidth up to 20 MHz

Series AIP

Series AIP Preamplifier with DC-output and integrated cooled controller, Suitable for bandwidth > 1 GHz

Series QIP

Series QIP : Four-Channel-Preamplifier for uncooled and cooled quadrant detectors,

Bandwidth up to 100 MHz

Important parameter are the way of coupling (AC or DC) and the bandwidth

  • DC – Coupling, in the preamplifier name the “x” will be replaced by “D”, e.g. VPDC or MIPDC; the bandwidth of the module starts at 0 Hz, thus also cw-radiation can be measured
  • AC – Couppling, in the preamplifier name the „x” will be replaced by „A”, e.g. VPAC or MIPAC; the bandwidth of the module starts at 10 Hz, 1 kHz or 10 kHz (depending from the uppper corner frequency) 
  • Bandwidth : There are different ranges of bandwidth offered. Please respect, that not all detector preamplifier combinations are possible, it means not all detector bandwidth combinations.

2) Controller for TE-cooling

Controller for TE-cooling

The cooler controller  PTCC-01 is in 3 versions available

  • PTCC-01-OEM : Cooler controller with detector supply, without housing, with LED status indicator  and data connector
  • PTCC-01-BAS : Cooler controller with detector supply, with housing, with LED status indicator
  • PTCC-01-ADV : Cooler controller with detector supply, with housing, with key menu and LCD display

Die PTCC-Cooler controller is compatible to the preamplifier types : MIP, SIP, PIP und QIP

For the control of the programmable module with preamplifier PIP and cooler controller PTCC-01, please install the program Smart Manager on your PC. It is here as download available :

Download Smart Manager:  smart-exe

3) Low-noise – power supply

Low-noise power supply PPS-03 Front view

Low-noise power supply PPS-03 Front view

The power supply  PPS-03 is dedicated for the operation of  uncooled detectors integrated in the preamplifiers, VIP, SIP and µIP. As well the PPS-03 can be used for supply of the AIP-preamplifier with already included cooler controller.

Data sheet PPS-03