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All-in-one IR-Detection-Module for 3-5 µm (VIGO System)

VIGO has introduced the smallest on the market available 3-5 µm detection module.

This module is suitable for the spectral range 3 – 5 µm. It is basing on a multijunction InAsSb-PV-Detector chip with a low noise transimpedance preamplifier. The electric bandwidth is DC – 3 MHz. The power consumption amounts to < 100 mW.
Beside of classic TO-8-version are also TO-8-submounts available. For the automated mass-integration onto PCB’s VIGO can deliver an OEM-configuration.
Important the fact, that VIGO pushes forward to a new price region for such components. For a order volume of 1500 pcs, the price orientation was given with 120,- EUR / pc.
Examples of application of the InAsSb detection module are the MWIR-spectroscopy, laser metrology and the monitoring of industrial or laboratory processes, like exhaustion gas analysis, monitoring of chemical process or the temperature behavior.