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About us

DoroTEK Gesellschaft of Systemtechnik mbH was establihed as part of the Solaris-Group in December 1989 with is principle office in Berlin. Solaris-Group is a Polish-German corporation, where DoroTEK acts has sales organization in the western European.

From this membership to the Solaris-Grup result the business field optc sale and the service division laser marking and engraving.

Since 1991 is DoroTEK as well in the DACH region as representative of the Infrared-Detector manufacturer VIGO Systems S.A. from Warsaw active.

The name DoroTEK constitutes a synthesis of Dorothea, the daughter of one of the founding members of our company group, and Technik. The company name associate in this way the categories human and technics and express the philosophy of our company group. Highly motivated innovative teams obtaining their power and creativeness by the appreciative warm-hearted atmosphere create most modern reliable technical components and systems.

Company profile

  • Year of esablishment : 1989
  • Share capital : 900.000 DM
  • Own company building : 360m2
  • Turnover level :  3.5 Mio EUR
  • Employee : 3 + 2
  • Managing director : Hanno Schmidt
  • Address :  Flugplatzstraße F1, No. 9 /     D-15344 Strausberg

Business portfolie of DoroTEK:

  • Opticl components and assemblies
  • Infrared detectors and modules
  • Lasermodulators and polarizing optics
  • Service for laser marking and engraving


Business partner

Solaris Optics
Solaris Laser
Vigo System

Solaris Optics S.A. has the full technology and equipment for the production of optical components including the coating and precise mounting in house. The product portfolio contains single components and assemblies as well. By use of the MRF-technology (Polishing with use of a magnetorheological suspension) highest optic performance can be achieved (better than λ/20 surface accuracy and  0,25 nm rms- roughness)  

The production spectrum includes plane optics and spherical optics.

The manufacturing was flexible organized, thus single pieces can be delivered in short time and as well we can handle large amounts via long-time frame or kan-ban contracts.

By connection of this flexibility with or R&D capacities we are a partner for each development requiring optical components, from idea to series production. 

Solaris Optics is an acknowledged partner of ESA (European Space Agency) and took e.g. part at the following projects: Sentinel 5 and Proba 5 (design & production of gradient filters and polarizing optics) and  H2020 Neptune (design &   production of imaging optics)

Company profile

  • Year of establishment  :  1991
  • Employer : 65
  • Own company building : 1250 m2
  • CEO : Michal Muniak
  • Address :  Sobieskiego 49, 05-410 Józefów (bei Warschau), Polen

Presentation:   SOLARIS OPTICS

Solaris Laser belongs to the worldwide leading manufacturer of laser marking systems. The portfolio includes systems operating in static mode and as well in dynamic mode. This means the products can be marked in movement (marking on the fly). The systems are characterized by a high reliability, they are easy to integrate and first of all, they are extreme fast, conveyor speeds up to 7 m/s are possible.

In 2019 Solaris Laser could sell 600 laser systems. The total number of delivered machines in OEM-configuration or as complete laser class 1 system amounts to nearly 6000.

The laser marking systems can be equipped with different laser sources

  • DPSS (Diode pumped solid state laser)
  • Pulsed fiber laser in the range 10 – 100 W
  • CO2-laser with 10 W – 55 W

Thereby different wave lengths are available for the optimum adaption of the materials to mark, e.g.    λ=355 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm and the typical wave length of the CO2-lasers :  9,3 µm, 10,2 µm and 10,6 µm

Solaris Laser acts worldwide via  a network of professional distributors, taking care for the integration, maintenance and service. The sale and support in the DACH region  is very successfully realized since more than 20 years by the company Bluhm Systeme GmbH.

Company profile

  • Year of establishment  :  1991
  • Employer : 45
  • Own company building : 3500 m2
  • CEO : Dr. Lech Boruc
  • Address :  Farbiarska 39,  02-862 Warschau,  Polen

Presentation :

VIGO System S.A belongs to the market leaders for uncooled and TE-cooled infrared detectors. In the 1980th a team under leadership of Prof. Jozef Piotrowski developed the worldwide first uncooled MCT (HgCdTe) detector.

Since these times the product program was continuously expanded and improved. It includes epitaxy semiconductor materials, IR-detectors and complete detection modules with preamplifier, evaluation electronics and cooler controller. VIGO possess the complete technology, starting from the epitaxy of the sensitive complex detector structures (using MOCVD and MBE), the fabrication of the detector chips, their montage and the connection to the VIGO electronic modules.

The high ranking of VIGO in the infrared world has found its confirmation also by the nomination as official supplier of the NASA. A highlight in the history is the usage of VIGO detectors in the Curiosity rover, making its circle on mars since 2012, and also the participation at the 2016 ExoMars mission.

Company profile

  • Year of establishment  :  1987
  • Employer : 155
  • Own company building : 6500 m2
  • CEO : Dr. Adam Piotrowski
  • Address :  Poznańska street 129/133 05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki, Polen