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Solaris Optics produced beam splitter for Association Euratom
The dept. of precision optics of Solaris Optics S.A. produced a special beam splitter, used by the Institute of Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion for laser fusion experiments.
(May 2011)
Solaris Optics keeps up investment plans
According to our investment plans for the optics production we finished in autumn 2008 the first phase. With a new extension to the existing facility the production area was enlarged by 360 m2. And in spite of the present situation influenced by the world wide economic crises we started the 2nd phase - the investment into the machinery. We ordered a Prism Contour Grinding Machine at Optotech and two Lens Generators of type Spheroline from Schneider.
With these investments we can extend our possibilities in precision optics. Especially different shaped prisms and lenses of all shape we can produce with more efficiency and high accuracy.
The startup proceudre for all three machines is planned for April - May 2009.
New Generation of Infrared Detectors
2010 VIGO System S.A. established a new generation of IR-Detectors. The new series include 4stage TE-cooled detectors suitable for the spectral range 2-13 µm. More information you will find in the chapter products -  IR-detectors. The data sheets are available as download.
Participation at trade fairs
We are as exhibitor on following trade fairs:
Laser, 13. - 16. May, 2013 in Munich
Optatec,  15. - 18. May 2014 in Frankfurt / Main
We invite you to be our guest there !
DoroTEK supports the ice hockey club "Berlin Ice Bears"
DoroTEK belongs to the Supporter Club of the Berlin Ice Bears. The club supports especially the promotion of young athletes.
Eisbären Supporterclub 2012-2013