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Data sheets of detectors 

VIGO Detector PC BNC VIGO Detector PVMI-4TE VIGO Detector PEM
IR-detectors inside a TO- or BNC-cover IR-detectors with a four-stage cooling PEM-detector, time constant ca. 0.2 ns


In relation to the functional principle the detectors can be divided into three groups 

  • PV – Photo-Voltaic
  • PEM – Photo-Electro-Magnetic
  • PC – Photo Conductor

In relation to the cooling the detectors are divided into two groups, the room temperature detectors and the detectors with a 2, 3 or 4 stage thermoelectric cooling (named with 2TE, 3TE or 4TE)

In addition the letters „M“ and „I“ are used in the detector types.

M for Multiple Junction:  A multiple of serial  p-n-transitions increases the responsivity of the detectors and make it possible to produce long wave length detectors with larger areas.

I for optical Immersion: The principle of optical immersion decreases the electric area in relation to the optical area with resulting improved noise parameter of the detector

1.      Photovoltaic room temperature Infrared-Detectors

2.      Photovoltaic TE cooled Infrared-Detectors

3.      Photoconductor room temperature Infrared-Detectors

4.      PhotoconductorTE-cooled Infrared-Detectors