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Welcome to DoroTEK GmbH

(Member of Solaris Group)

Optical components

Optische Komponenten

Plano optic (e.g. windows, wedges, prisms and plane mirrors) and spherical optics (e.g. lenses, lens systems and mirrors), design, coatings and assemblies  >>more
Infrared detectors

Infrarot Detektoren

IR detectors and complete solutions including preamplifiers and cooler controllers for the laboratory operation and  OEM-configurations.
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Laser marking and –engraving


We offer the service of laser engraving and laser coding based on state-of-the-art tech-nology. Laser engraving – an esthetic and inexpensive marking alternative! >>more
Laser modulators


Pockels-Cells on basis of the electro-optical crystals LiNbO3 und KDDP including driver electronics for q-switch applications 
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Products & Business Fields

DoroTEK as part of Solaris Group operates in the branches laser marking and precision optics including the special product group of electro-optic modulators. Since 1991 we are distributor of the prestigious IR-detector manufacturer VIGO System S.A.