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Route Description  North

Route description DoroTEK

Starting point: Highway A10 (eastern Berlin belt motorway)
coming from north

01. Highway exit: Exit No. 3 (Berlin Marzahn)
02. Turn off direction Altlandsberg/Strausberg
03. Town-entrance Altlandsberg
04. Drive through town on main street, following the signposts to Strausberg (amongst others: Poststraße/Strausberger Straße
05. Town-exit Altlandsberg
06. After 2.4 km town-entrance Radebrück. Drive through town (app. 500 m)
07. After 2.1 km town-entrance Petershagen/Eggersdorf
08. Folllow main street, turn right shortly after town-exit Petershagen/Eggersdorf
09. At the traffic-light road junction turn left (direction Strausberg Nord / Eberswalde)
10. From Altlandsberger Chaussee turn right direction Strausberg –Zentrum
11. Turn left at the traffic-light into Berliner Straße. Follow main street which changes from • Berliner Straße to • August-Bebel-Straße to • Wallstraße to • An der Stadtmauer
12. At signpost Müncheberg / Wriezen turn right into Hohensteiner Straße
13. Follow this street until you arrive at a traffic circle. Take second exit, direction Gewerbegebiet Nord. (Industrial estate north)
14. You are now driving past the airport grounds. (Right side, app. 1.8 km)
15. Turn right into the Flugplatzstraße. (Signpostet: “Zum Flugplatz”)
16. After 300 meters you will reach the DoroTEK-building on the left side.

We wish you to have a convenient journey.