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Pockels cells for Laser Modulation

In many laser applications a modulation of the laser beam is required.
One of the prime methods of modulation is the utilization of the electro-optical effect in crystal materials, called the Pockels-effect.
By application of this effect it is possible to control the laser parameter polarization-degree, amplitude and phase.

DoroTEK delivers Pockels cells on basis of KD*P and LiNbO3 crystals. On demand it’s possible to produce complete modulation units, consisting of the Pockels cells, a polarizer and the retarder plate.

Selected technical parameter of Pockels Cells

Parameter KD*P-Cell LiNbO3- Cell
Spektral range 0,35 – 1,5 µm 0,4 – 4,5 µm
Contrast ratio 1000 : 1 300 : 1
Damage threshold (LIDT) 800 MW / cm2 300 MW / cm2
Transmission > 98 % > 98 %
Quarter-wave voltage for 1064 nm 3,2 kV 0,8 kV

Datasheets of Pockels-Cells are available as download.

DoroTEK Pockelszelle mit Polarisator DoroTEK Pockelszellen DoroTEK KDDP-Pockelszelle
KD*P-Pockels-Cell with polarizer
KD*P-Pockels-Cell with Brewster-Window
DoroTEK KDDP-Pockelszelle DoroTEK LiNbO3-Pockelszellen DoroTEK Verzögerungsplatten
KD*P-Pockels-Dry Cell
Pockels-Cells (Laser Modulators)
Retadation Plates