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Job order laser marking and engraving at DoroTEK – an economic alternative

DoroTEK operates with modern laser marking devices basing on Nd:YAG- and CO2-lasers, which are controled by an efficient software. The available technical status combined with the extensive know-how of our staff enables DoroTEK to conduct all marking services which are qualified for laser marking and -engraving. If you are considering alternative marking technologies and laser marking would be a possibility, we welcome you to send us a sample of your product along with the description of the marking-task.


Job order laser marking and engraving at DoroTEK

Tasteful high-grade durable markings
Flexible implementation of your special requirements

Free consultation and creation of samples
Single-piece production and series production
Short term delivery

Detailed information are supplied in our leaflet ‘Laser Marking and Engraving’.