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Solaris Optics S.A. manufactures user-specific optical components. In the crystal optics field we produce, in a special workshop, laser-modulators.

Due to their high quality standard the optical systems produced by Solaris are mainly used in laser technology applications and highly precise optical measuring- and surveying devices.

The stable quality, the flexibility and the constant progress of technology and products allow for years a consistent growth of sales.
This developement led the Solaris Group to the decision of increasing the production capacity. Moving into a new, self-owned building in December 1998 has been the first step in that direction.
At the moment, the production capacity is gradually being expanded by extending the machine outfit and by hiring new employees.

The employees of Solaris Optics, qualified and experienced opticians and precision mechanics, as well as their management, graduated scientist, are proud of the accomplished success. They are the guarantee for the continuous, effective developement of Solaris Optics products.

  • Employees : 63
  • Self owned company building : 1250 m2
  • President : Dr. Waclaw Muniak, Vice-President : Dr. Ryszard Wodnicki 
  • Address : ul. Sobieskiego 49, 05-410 Józefów (near Warsaw)