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Solaris Laser



Solaris Laser S.A. is a world-leading manufacturer of industrial Fiber and CO2 laser coding, marking and engraving systems. The company is specialized in development of laser systems for Static and Dynamic product coding - while products are in movement.

Solaris Laser offers high quality, flexibility and reliability through our products, which give us our strongest market advantages. The laser system's are in continuously development, following the market demand.

World-wide there have been installed more than 1000 systems of the series SolarMark and SolarJet.

We are proud to announce that Solaris Laser S.A. is since October 2008 officially ISO 9001:2000 certified as company which applies quality system in line with the above standard for the following scope: "Laser marking systems manufacturing and development. Laser engraving services" This certificate granted by TUV Rheinland ensures that, our products and services represents exceptional quality, which we have been serving to our customers constantly for the last 17 years.

Solaris employs companywide an expert staff which holds the complete know-how for the production of laser systems.

  • Laser- and optics specialists
  • Construction
  • Electronic department
  • Software group

Our excellent technicians and engineers, as well as the close and constructive cooperation between departments and groups are, and will be the foundation of our success.

The distribution of our systems in Austria and Germany is exclusively handled by Bluhm Systeme GmbH (

Additionaly to the production of laser systems Solaris offers a service centre which provides particularly job order laser treatment. With a high occupancy time of its 6 Nd:YAG-laser systems working shifts, and the usage of 2 CO2-laser markers and 2 laser-plotters for cutting, Solaris is one of Europe’s greatest service provider in this field.


  • Employees : 35
  • Self-owned company building : 2000 m2
  • President : Dr. Lech Boruc, Vice-President : Gregorz Bilecki
  • Address : ul. Wynalazek 6, 02-677 Warsaw